Versopolis Chapbooks

Versopolis is a European poetry platform that creates opportunities for emerging European poets. Ledbury Poetry Festival is proud to be a founder member of this platform. Find out more at Versopolis Poetry

Versopolis Readings and Conversation, hosted by Kim Moore, on Saturday 4 July.
Time: 5pm – 6pm
A celebration of European poetry, with Maarten Inghals (Belgium) Paata Shamugia (Georgia), Sigurbjörg Thrastardóttir (Iceland) and Franca Mancinelli (Italy). Each of these poets is highly respected in their own country, garlanded with awards and prizes, and the aim of Versopolis is to bring them to the attention of a wider European audience. Hosted by Kim Moore.

The four poets performing at Ledbury Poetry Festival Online 2020 are translated in beautiful chapbooks created by Five Seasons Press. We hope the chapbooks will be physically published in autumn 2020 and will make an announcement when they are available. In the meantime, read the chapbooks online, published on Issuu: 

Maarten Inghels Chapbook

Paata Shamugia Chapbook

Sigurbjorg Thrastardottir Chapbook

Franca Mancinelli Chapbook

Or as PDFS:

Versopolis 2020 online pdf Maarten Inghels chapbook 1

Versopolis 2020 online pdf Paata Shamugia chapbook 2

Versopolis 2020 online pdf Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir chapbook 3

Versopolis 2020 online pdf Franca Mancinelli chapbook 4

Here are some film tasters of the work of these poets:

Maarten Inghels, The Dark Side of Thought:

Sigurbjörg Thrastardóttir

Maarten Inghels
Paata Shamugia
Sigurbjorg Thrastardottir
Franca Mancinelli



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