Tadeusz Dabrowski- Review of Black Square by Cristina Florescu

Tadeusz Dabrowski’s book, Black Square, is a very personal collection of poems where issues about identity, relationships and human emotions surface in a free verse filled with humour, sarcasm and sensibility.

Poems such as A lover’s discourse:fragments or Resolution offer a modern portrayal of love, where romantic relationships meet technology and popular culture. The line of poems that explore strong human connections continues in the second part of the book- Black Square- where the poets questions and reflects upon the parents-children relationship. One of the strongest poems in this part of the book is There’s no love greater than , where the father-son relationship meets the relationship between son and God, transforming it into a patriarchal expression of love, where the earthly father joins the heavenly one.The subject of divinity does not stop there. The book is filled with poems that present an honest, open conversation with God, where questions are asked as easily as certainties are expressed.

Tadeusz Dabrowski and his translator, Antonia Lloyd-Jones will join the Ledbury Poetry Festival on Sunday, July 12,11am at the Burgage Hall, where Black Square and the process of creating and translating it will be discussed in more detail

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