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Refreshing the Word, with Fiona Sampson and David Harsent
Monday 26 June – Thursday 29 June 2017
£450 (includes fully catered accommodation for 3 nights)

Poetry expresses the self, captures the world, and gives both poet and reader new ways of seeing. Whether you’re a keen novice or working on your fifteenth collection, and whatever your background, award-winning poets Fiona Sampson and David Harsent will help you take your work to a new level, show how the craft of poetry leads to the art of poetry, and give you new skills and ways of going on to make your future work sing. Four days of workshops, one to one tutorials and readings in a friendly, inspiring working atmosphere and the beautiful setting of Hellens Manor.

A detailed timetable is now available for the Ledbury Poetry Residential with Fiona Sampson and David Harsent at Hellens Manor on Monday 26 June to Thursday 29 June 2017.

Monday 26 June
2-5 workshop with Fiona Sampson
Evening reading by tutor Fiona Sampson
Tuesday 27 June
10-1 workshop with Fiona Sampson
2-5 workshop with David Harsent
Evening reading by tutor David Harsent
Wednesday 28 June
10-1 workshop with David Harsent
2-5 one to one tutorials with Fiona Sampson
Evening reading by course participants
Thursday 29 June
10-1 final workshop with Fiona Sampson

The course is designed so that everyone from highly experienced, published poets to new writers can work together at their own pace. Each tutor gives two workshops and a reading of their own work. The small number of participant places available means every course member receives individual attention. There are lots of opportunities to talk informally to both tutors at mealtimes and chances to work on personal projects too. We will take maximum advantage of our beautiful surroundings wherever possible; all participants will also have the chance to perform in the course reading.


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