Coffee mornings and patch making sessions

Invitation to Coat of Hopes Coffee Mornings and Patch Making sessions at Ledbury’s Barrett Browning Institute. Saturday 25 September – Friday 1 October, at 11am each morning. Pick a morning that suits you best and RSVP to

Ledbury Poetry Festival is contributing to the Coat of Hopes Project because:

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, how to raise your voice for a world in which each of us feels we have a place and a purpose; a world where every creature and element is considered; a world with a future.

How can we tell a different story to the one that stands? How can we live a story that tells the change we long to see?

The answer that came was a patchwork coat.

A coat that connects our stories and hopes.

Coat of hopes is a travelling, community created, work of performance craft. A patchwork garment made of embroidered pieces of blanket, created by a diverse range of people along a 500 mile walk to the gathering of world decision makers at COP26 Glasgow (Climate Change Conference).

Don’t worry if you still don’t have a clue what this is all about! You can visit the Coat of Hopes website here

And/or you can email me Chloe Garner, Festival Director, on and I can tell you more.

Most importantly for me, these Coffee Mornings and Patch Making sessions are an opportunity for us to gather in community; a chance to meet and simply to chat!

(With thanks to instigating artist Barbara Keale)

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