Poetry Podcasts

Many of the events at Ledbury Poetry Festival are recorded so that those of you who cannot get to Ledbury are able to experience some the atmosphere of our annual festival.

Not all events are recorded, either for copyright or technical reasons, but almost half of the festival events can be heard here.

The links below will take you to the recordings we have for the 2014 through to the 2019 Ledbury Poetry Festival. You can also download a copy of the programme for each year with more details of the events.

2014 Recordings (Download the 2014 programme)

2015 Recordings (Download the 2015 programme)

2016 Recordings (Download the 2016 programme)

2017 Recordings (Download the 2017 programme)

2018 Recordings (Download the 2018 programme)

2019 Recordings (Download the 2019 programme)

Poetry Salons

We also hold a number of Poetry Salons during the remainder of the year.  Many of these are recorded and you can listen to these through the link below.

Poetry Salon Recordings