Wondering how you can get involved in the Festival?

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This page has an outline of all the ways you can help out. Ledbury Poetry Festival is a very friendly festival. John Burnside said of his visit to Ledbury

I feel that it is magical in Ledbury during the Festival. The whole town seems to be involved in all kinds of ways, from performing words and music, to making up marvellous, appreciative and informed audiences. For a while we all breathe poetry and music – it’s a bit like walking around for a few days in a paradise garden.”

We are very much of our community, and couldn’t do the Festival without that wonderful army of volunteers who make Ledbury a “paradise garden”. The volunteers are incredibly generous and hospitable, some of them taking poets into their own homes, and giving their time so freely.

All roles have an ambassador element: you are representing the Festival. Volunteers are invited to do as much or as little as they feel able.

All volunteers must comply with the Festival’s Mission, Vision and Values

We are sorry that the 2020 Festival has been cancelled. However, read through the volunteer roles outlined below and you may wish to become involved next year!

Festival Interns

  • complete immersion in the 10 day festival with any number of roles and responsibilities
  • the INTERN PACK contains all details and is posted HERE

I really enjoyed my time working as an intern for Ledbury Poetry Festival. Although it is an intense 10 days, it is massively rewarding- both in terms of developing new skills and also just having a good time! Event managing was something I would have never considered doing previously but I ended up enjoying it & also becoming more confident in public speaking. Getting to interact with the poets & performers is always fun- it is really rewarding to work with people who care intensely about what they do. Another highlight is being able to go to events that you might’ve not otherwise gone to- the Festival always has a really diverse & interesting programme and there’s always something that will surprise you.  I would definitely recommend an internship at the Festival! ”  FH, 2018 intern

“I can’t remember the last time when I felt so tired but neither can I remember the last time I was so inspired and part of such a great team!” HG – 2019 intern

Event Managing –

  • the event manager is the point of liaison between the performer, the Festival and sponsors. It is a good idea to go to many events, and familiarise yourself with the Festival to see how events run.
  • do all the organising and liaising with the performer in the run up to the Festival
  • meet performer(s) in Hospitality before event and escort them to venue
  • ensure the performer(s) are at performance, and sound checks before performance
  • if you feel confident: introduce performer, thank sponsors, show fire exits, turn off mobile phones etc, or we can get someone else to do this part
  • ensure performer runs to time, compile a running list for multiple performers
  • liaise with sponsors about meeting the performer afterwards, publicity material etc
  • at end of performance, thank audience, thank performer and present with Festival gift



  • Serving tea/ coffee/ sandwiches in Festival’s hospitality room, and occasionally at events. This role can include food preparation (sandwiches), serving alcohol, and clearing and washing up.


  • taking tickets at events, seating sponsors, seating the audience, being responsible for safety during performance
  • provide water (either glasses or bottled) for performer(s)

Driving and Meeting at Stations

  • a welcoming role collecting poets/performers from train stations and airports. Mileage is paid.
  • must have insurance which covers the use of the vehicle for work (for the driver) as well as domestic and pleasure, and
  • must have full drivers’ licence


  • all year round admin tasks in Festival Office
Festival interns
Volunteers supplying fresh scones to Hospitality
michael palin
Michael Palin being escorted to his event by his event manager
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