If you are planning to enter on-line then, before completing this form, please ensure that you have ALL your poem(s) in ONE suitable file ready to upload at the next step and please read the rules.

Ideally this will be in a Microsoft Word format (any version) but we can also accept text (.txt) or PDF (.pdf) files if you cannot create a Word format file.

Do not type your name or any other details in the document, just the poem titles and the poems.

If you enter more than one poem, each must begin on a new page in the same document. (Indicate with “[new page]” if you have to send a .txt file.)

Individual poems must be no more than 40 lines in length.

Make sure your poem titles are entered correctly into the form below and that they are all in the ONE file you plan to upload.


Please type the reference number here to prove you are a real person (anti-spam measure).

There may be a delay after you click Submit!  Please be patient while we upload your entry and check your form and e-mail address – do not refresh the page or click Submit again during this process.  

Entry Fees

Adults:  £5.00 for first poem, £3.50 for additional ones.

Children/Young People: First poem free, £1.50 for additional poems.

Entry processing fee: £0.75 (where there is a fee).